Yes, Please Complain

I sat with a friend yesterday. His internet stick had been running fine until recently, when it turned really sluggish. He got onto the phone with a rep – it was Golan, I believe – and complained about the speed.

The rep asked him what machine was he using. He told him that he was using a netstick. “Sorry,” he said, “we don’t give support for net sticks. Its impossible to know what is the condition of your equipment, or the manufacturers requirements. So I cannot help you.”

My friend persisted and said that it was working fine until now, and the drop in speed was completely random, and so on. And the rep continued to insist that it was none of his business.

They ended the call and my friend restarted his computer. And the stick started working, miraculously. Suspecting something was afoot, he called customer service again, this time complaining about the service on his phone. Again he was assured that all was well and that there was nothing for them to do, and there was nothing they could help with. And yet again, the internet (waze, actually) on his phone began working well. Second miracle.

So the point is, of course, that the company sells you 12GB of data, but does not tell you the size of hose you are allotted. One customer gets a narrow hose, giving him a slow connection, while the other has the faucet fully open, giving him a speedy connection. The company pays for data transfer, and would like to deliver the least it can possibly get away with. So they will give you a sluggish connection until you complain. When you complain, they flick the switch to open the connection to your line.

So it really pays to complain. You receive much more, in simple terms. What this means is that a company ought to open a complaint department, not to handle incoming complaints, but to complain to their vendors about things. Try complaining about price, delivery, terms and so on. It may be well worth your while!