A fool repeats his errors, a mediocre fellow learns from them. Someone wise, however, learns from the mistakes of others. Here is your wisdom test – see if you cannot learn from my mistakes:

Recently I hd twice where I had asked asked for a worker for a job, and asked that it be done a certain way. The person felt that he had a better idea, and went ahead, doing things their style. In both cases, it was a flop.

When I called them up on that, they told me that of course they would be glad to redo, at their regular fees. I said to one of them, “Friend, the book has been typset with your errors. It will now cost me extra to fix. And you want to pe paid more on top of that all? Is that fair?”

What to do? In retrospect the correct thing would have been to have the job requirements written out in a clear manner, so that there could be no interpreting. Things in print tend to be black-and-white. So by writing out the job description precisely, I would have avoided much discussion, never mind that the chances are that it may have been done correctly at the outset.

How to do this? I’m thinking of using Asana, creating a project, then a task description, which I would share with them. This would leave us both with a clear copy. Any other ideas?