1. Dr Eliot P Kaplan PhD LCSW:

Moshe, Gut Voch!

You guys are amazing! As you know, my project deadline was fast coming up and I was behind on my book’s editing and layout….
But somehow you got things done, and I was able to publish on time. Thanks again!

2. Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser, KC Kollel

Moshe Cohen and did a great job for me.
I needed customized siddurim and bentchers for a Shabbaton with a religiously-unaffiliated group, containing particular zemiros and tefillos and translations. I had a unique order, a lot of work and a short deadline. Moshe and Company delivered a fantastic product, speedily and a great price. They made me look really good.

I appreciated working with them and look forward to using their expertise in the future.

3. Working with We Do Seforim was a pleasure! They are eager to accommodate, and they really work with you to ensure a beautiful product.
Rav Avigdor, my editor, is a true Talmid Chochom. His sharp eye for detail and insightful comments definitely enhanced my sefer . I would definitely refer them to anyone who asks.
(Rabbi) Yitzchok B.”
 4. “I found out about Wedoseforim through Linkdin and figured, “Why not”?
So I contacted Reb Moshe Cohen, the proprietor, and found him to be friendly, courteous, and willing to do anything that will ensure a fine finished product. His suggestions were invaluable and the entire process, from the planning to the delivery was smooth, efficient, and pleasant.
I recommend Reb Moshe to anyone seeking to publish his sefer. He will be very satisfied.
Moshe Ginsburg  מחבר ספר משוי ממים”