Pay For Junk

No resume ever looked bad. That’s as much a fact of life as taxes are, and the upshot is this: sometimes we try new workers. After taking all necessary precaution we give them their first job, and perchance find – I do regret to report – that their learning is being done on the job.

We end up with a product we are unhappy with and cannot deliver to a client, yet need to pay for. This is a bad turn of affairs. Why need I be punished for giving someone a chance? Why do I need to pay for junk?

Perhaps the dialogue ought to go like this: “Friendly prospect! I want to give you a chance and see if we are a fit. I will give you this job, and if you perform it to my satisfaction, I will pay you. Perhaps, since I happen to be especially magnanimous today, and stand where I am today because others once granted me chances, I will even forgo my profit, and offer you all the money the customer is paying – better-than-average pay – if the client is satisfied.”

I think this might even the score and ensure that we, the employers, don’t get stuck holding the bag…