Custom Siddur – Custom Prayerbook

We do complete customization as per your needs. We will create a siddur especially for you, according to your needs.

  • We can do it with or without translation.
  • You choose the prayers – we have done beginners Siddurim as well as Siddurim with extra songs and so on.
  • We can put in whatever pictures you wish.
  • We can make the words big, we can make them small.
  • We do plain paper, cardboard or laminated.

The idea is that we take your nusach and create you a siddur from scratch. The British call it ‘bespoke’.

How much will that cost? Will it break the bank?kiruv siddur

The honest answer is that it depends on your specifications. People can conceivably order something so hairy that the graphic artist will need to hole away for a week working on this. However thats not the normal order. The normal order will cost you only $100 or less.

And we believe in risk reversal; you pay if you are satisfied. Never fear getting stuck with substandard work.

To download a recent custom Siddur we have done click HERE.

Go ahead and contact us for a quote. Its completely free, and carries no obligation for you to follow through and order.