Our team

Who are we, and why can we do the job cheaper than anyone else in town, yet with the highest standards of quality? You get what you pay for, no?

We are a group in Israel, some living in Jerusalem, others in Modi’in Elite, or Kiryat Sefer. We have an experienced resident typist who has typed many seforim. We have two typesetters, both with extensive experience, using cutting edge technology and advanced typesetting software, and a team of editors. We have dealt with printers, deadlines, revisions and all. We have experience.

Not only that, but the people involved are dedicated individuals who are sincere about their work. They have the integrity and responsibility, not to mention the yiras shamayim, to make sure the person paying receives a quality product.

On the other hand, we rent no offices, and live kollel lives. Our prices are fine with us, because it enables us to keep on doing what we are dedicated to – either us or our husbands learning – and we live simply enough that we can make do on smaller budgets.

One small – but demonstrative – example; we can get typing done for three or four dollars a page, in Hebrew. You simply cannot get such prices anywhere!!!

This allows us to accomplish the impossible; top quality at bottom prices.

You will be supporting Torah too, because we are kollel people!