Our promise:

We will take your manuscripts or notes and convert them to a full fledged professionally done sefer,  complete with a table of contents, a detailed index and an aesthetically designed cover, as a sefer ought to look. We will take care of the entire process, soup to nuts, without breaking your bank.

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Perhaps your father or grandfather has left behind notes on his Gemarah margins and you would like to put it into print, even if only for the family. Maybe you will be giving out the sefer to the guests at an upcoming simcha. What a zchus that people will learn his Torah, and what a remembrance and how true a memorial!

The ultimate remembrance; Give us a manuscript and we will hand you back a printed volume. Give us your father’s handwritten magnum opus, we will type it, add references, table of contents, spruce up the nisuach, typeset it and print it in a handsome hardcover family heirloom volume, as many copies as you need. A to Z.

I recommend you leave me a note using the comment box below, letting me know what you are thinking of, and I will email you back with a price quote, a time frame and a guarantee that you will receive what you need. You can think it over, no obligation at all.