We provide the entire range of services that will take a manuscript and turn it into a stunning, beautifully bound volume. We use state-of-art technology, and specialized software. We work in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.

This includes some or all the following;

  • Typing the text from a handwritten work, from notes on the sides of a gemarah or from an audio recording.
  • Editing the text to make it readable, understandable and flowing.
  • Spellchecking the whole work.
  • Proofreading for missed words or missing punctuation.
  • Typesetting, including choosing the right font for the job and making the text sit in nice columns and end equally, sometimes it involves footnotes, or, in the case of a double text where one provides commentary to the other, casting the whole in a format that is easy to follow yet the two texts not part ways – they will be up to the same place.
  • Adding a table of contents.
  • Adding an index based on source material, gemmarah or Rambam discussed, or by subjects. Often, all of the above.
  • Cover design by  graphic artist.
  • Choosing the correct paper weight, quality and color (tint).
  • Printing and binding, – many options available.
  • Having the completed volume delivered to your front door!


Customer comments:

Moshe Cohen and wedosefarim.com did a great job for me. I needed customized siddurim and bentchers for a Shabbaton with a religiously-unaffiliated group, containing particular zemiros and tefillos and translations.

I had a unique order, a lot of work and a short deadline.
Moshe and Company delivered a fantastic product, speedily and a great price.

They made me look really good.

I appreciated working with them and look forward to using their expertise in the future.

Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser, KC Kollel

"Working with We Do Seforim was a pleasure!

They are eager to accommodate, and they really work with you to ensure a beautiful product.

Rav Avigdor, my editor, is a true Talmid Chochom. His sharp eye for detail and insightful comments definitely enhanced my sefer .

I would definitely refer them to anyone who asks.

(Rabbi) Yitzchok B."

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My email is: moshe @ wedoseforim.com (take out the spaces...)