1. Q: Do you have a rule-of-thumb price per page that I can gauge what my project will cost?

A: Nope. Depends on what you want or need done – with index or without, how complicated a layout and more. But a price quote is free, and you have no obligation whatsoever.

2. Q. When will my order be ready?

A. Usually within two months, depending on our workload and what the job entails. Truth is that it depends on the job and your schedule. A full sefer often takes 8-10 months, between editing, proofing and typesetting, cover design and correcting the galleys/proofs.

Do always tell us any time constraints – otherwise we will both end up frustrated. And remember, we get paid when the work is done, so we also want it done and over with…

3. Q. Do you do just typing/just printing/just typesetting?

A. Sure!

4. Q. Do you do distribution?

A. I can get many books distributed in Israel (depending of if it’s for children or adults, a sefer or a novel, etc.). In addition we partner with a major distributer who works worldwide, but only takes the books he chooses to.

We can also put it on Amazon for you to sell them yourself.

5. Q. Is there a limit on how many copies I need to order?

A. No. However if it is many copies and I can print in China, the savings will be passed along to you, of course. A normal order where you benefit from volume is 500-1000 copies.

6. Q: Do you do editing – I need something more substantial than spell checking!

A: If fact we can even completely rewrite your sefer, and extensively revise it. We have mechabrei sfarim on staff, and they will be happy to work together with you.

Customer comments:

Moshe Cohen and wedosefarim.com did a great job for me. I needed customized siddurim and bentchers for a Shabbaton with a religiously-unaffiliated group, containing particular zemiros and tefillos and translations.

I had a unique order, a lot of work and a short deadline.
Moshe and Company delivered a fantastic product, speedily and a great price.

They made me look really good.

I appreciated working with them and look forward to using their expertise in the future.

Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser, KC Kollel

"Working with We Do Seforim was a pleasure!

They are eager to accommodate, and they really work with you to ensure a beautiful product.

Rav Avigdor, my editor, is a true Talmid Chochom. His sharp eye for detail and insightful comments definitely enhanced my sefer .

I would definitely refer them to anyone who asks.

(Rabbi) Yitzchok B."

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