“Editing” deals with things like continuity, whether certain elements should be moved, removed or added in order to enhance the flow or clarify aspects of the writing.

Copyediting looks at punctuation, grammar, word use and spelling.

An editor examines the overall picture and helps the writer craft interesting characters, a good plot, and elements that will gratify the reader. Editors will often question the necessity of certain scenes or the actions of certain characters. They serve as guides on the road to making the writing great.

Copyeditors don’t advise on story direction or any other such elements of a book. Their job is to ensure that punctuation, grammar, and spelling are all correct.

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Customer comments:

Moshe Cohen and wedosefarim.com did a great job for me. I needed customized siddurim and bentchers for a Shabbaton with a religiously-unaffiliated group, containing particular zemiros and tefillos and translations.

I had a unique order, a lot of work and a short deadline.
Moshe and Company delivered a fantastic product, speedily and a great price.

They made me look really good.

I appreciated working with them and look forward to using their expertise in the future.

Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser, KC Kollel

"Working with We Do Seforim was a pleasure!

They are eager to accommodate, and they really work with you to ensure a beautiful product.

Rav Avigdor, my editor, is a true Talmid Chochom. His sharp eye for detail and insightful comments definitely enhanced my sefer .

I would definitely refer them to anyone who asks.

(Rabbi) Yitzchok B."

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